I'm an Media Technology Engineer and Computer Scientist from Gothenburg, Sweden. My biggest interests lies in the fields of Computer Graphics and Visualization, I love coding and creating cool things.

Currently conducting my Master's thesis at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland by working on the project OpenSpace.

Spent summer 2016 as a JavaScript Developer Intern at Opera Software in Oslo. Developed WebUIs and JavaScript libraries for the Desktop browser.

Studied Computer Science at the National University of Singapore during the first year of my master's degree.

Currently pursuing my Master of Science in Media Technology and Engineering at Linköping University with focus on Computer Graphics.

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These are my most recent projects, mostly related to techniques in Computer Graphics and Game Development.

Real-time MHD Space Weather Vis...more_vert
Monte-Carlo Ray Tracermore_vert
Maya Hair Plug-inmore_vert
Procedural Water Shading more_vert
SPH Fluid Simulationmore_vert
Tetris AImore_vert
Varsom Gamesmore_vert
Vengeance Risingmore_vert
mOOL Compiler more_vert
Desert Runmore_vert
WebGL Space Gamemore_vert

Web/Apps and Other Projects

Other projects, mostly related to Web and App Development.

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close 2014

Individual project
Project done in course TNM087, Image Processing and Analysis. The aim of this project was to colorize images taken by Sergej Prokudin-Gorskij of the russian empire. The project was done in Matlab and techniques such as normalized cross correlation, automatic cropping, color correction and image pyramids were implemented.

Flying Cameramanmore_vert
close 2016

UI Designer, Network/Node Developer
A project made at Hack&Roll16 and winner of the prize Best Use of Hardware. We established an intuitive control of a quadracopter with the help of leap motion. We also used a Raspberry Pi to broadcast a live video feed.

close 2016

Front-end, UI/UX Design
We built a discussion forum like Quora for the university. The purpose of this website is for the students to have place to ask all kinds of questions related to the university. Features such as a dynamic search field with search rankings for easy access of questions and an infinite scroll for optimization purposes were implemented.

FFT Guitar Tunermore_vert
close 2014

UI Designer, Javascript Developer
A guitar tuner made in the course TFYA65, Physics of Sound. We developed the guitar tuner as a webapp in HTML5 using WebRTC for real-time communication with the browser and a Fast Fourier Transform algorithm for frequency detection. The tuner was first created in Matlab but was then rewritten in Javascript to give a more friendly user interface.

Green Villagemore_vert
close 2015

Individual project
A hybrid app I made during my time at Mobile Storytelling for people living in the residential area Green Village. The residents can see the next incoming bus or train and check the current weather in the area. They can also control their audio speakers and lights at home wirelessly through the app. I also built the backend part for the users to be able to log in.

close 2013

Java Developer
An application made for betting on everyday activities between friends. All created bets are shown in public as a "feed" and every user can choose what bet to accept. The bet becomes a heads-up between two users and both users has to accept who won the bet when it is finished. The result is just a prototype with without back-end. This app was made in the course TNM040, Communication and User Interfaces.